The Cloud Data Application Platform in Hong Kong. We focus on the practical utilization of Hong Kong Open Data (Public Sector Information) and other Hong Kong Data with Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Data Science technology.


Data-HK is non-profit platform, we hope to bring the trend of sharing data into Hong Kong. From the government to the citizens, everyone who would like to share or utilize the data can do so through the platform, with or without computer knowledge. We aim to simplify the means of data sharing and to visualize the data which may be meaningless to ordinary people.

Open Data

We use and share Data.One Datasets, and we will work on all kind of useful data for HK Citizen.


Provide useful Data Services and Tools

Data-HK Features Include:

  • Automatic Data capturing / harvesting
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Data Focus application server
  • Cloud database
  • Project Sharing
  • Provide useful Data Services or Tools
  • 100% Free to Use
  • Open Source: Use for any project, private or commercial!

We welcome everyone to share your data, project or application

Let's build a Hong Kong Data Platform together!