Data.Two 數據易


Data.Two is a portal to facilitate the wider dissemination of Public Sector Information(PSI) for value-added re-use, and it is the user friendly version of Data.One (

Data.Two portal shares, distributes and reproduces open data in a more convenient way. We aim to utilize the data we acquired throughout the internet to make them more user-friendly so that citizens can make use of the simplified, visualized, and organized version of the datasets.

Data.Two v.s. Government Data.One:

  • Data.Two keeps Data.One Datasets archives in AWS S3. Researchers need the dataset to conduct time series related analysis. And, Data.One just provides the instance data, and cannot get back any historical data.
  • Data.One provides data with inconsistent data format i.e. xml, csv, json, and so on. Data.Two provides unified Restful API to retrieve data easily.
  • Data.two also provide simple data analysis function real-time in browser. i.e. plotting graph and filtering.