LicenCheck (查牌)


Nowaday, many people care about the hygiene and food safety of restaurants but there are no way to check it easily. So, what if user can identify the license information by just enter the name of restaurant or located in the map directly? Developing a mobile apps should be a nice idea.

By this time, there is a only way, provided by FEHD (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department), to search licensed restaurants in Hong Kong which is not convenient to access, so we think of making use of services on Data-HK and develop LicenCheck.

LicenCheck is a mobile web to provide a map view of Hong Kong with markers locating all licensed restaurants. From the dataset of licensed restaurants in Hong Kong, by using the service of Data-HK, complex addresses in HK can be translated into the geo-locations and make used of adding a location marker in Google Maps.